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Second stage of the WMRA Grand Prix 2013 at Arco di Trento, Italy. - 18 July 2013 Print
2013_2gp_english_eaf.jpgLooking to the entry list, about 90 senior men and 50 senior women will be at the start of the second WMRA Grand Prix race on next 21 July 2013 at Arco di Trento, Italy!
The Italian Team is output from the European Championships in Borovets, Bulgaria, with seven medals in individual and team, a booty historic and virtually all national runners of this team will be at the start of their races in Arco: Dematteis, Belotti, Desco, Baldaccini, Vaia and so on.
And with their space to prominent personalities from every continent, from Eritrea (Teklay Weldemariam Azeria: three tiime silver medallist at the World Mountain Running Championships) to Japan, via Slovenia (Kosovelj Mitja and Mateja, Lucjia Krkoc and Andreja Godec), Austria, Czech rep., Germany and the UK (Matthew Hobbs and Emma Clayton).

Turkish Team triumph at the 8. WMRA International Youth Cup at Gap, France. - 08 July 2013 Print
2013yicturfullteam.jpgIn a city dubbed "The Sportiest City in France," a record 15 countries participated in the 8th WMRA International Youth Cup in Gap, France on July 7.
Turkey dominated the competition winning in total five medals: all the gold medals, individual and team, plus one silver.
Poland took two silver medals and England  one silver medal.
Italy, Russia, Wales and hosting Country France gained one bronze medal each.

Wonderful 12. European Mountain Running Champs. 2013 at Borovets (Bulgaria):Italy and Turkey at top! - 06 July 2013 Print
emrc_ita.jpgAnother important page of the history of the European mountain running was written at the 12. European Mountain Running Championships held on 6th July 2013 at Borovets, Bulgaria.
The new European Champions 2013 are: Italian Bernard Dematteis for senior men, Austrian Andrea Mayr for senior women, Turkish Ramazan Karagoz for junior men and German Melanie Albrecht for junior women. In the team list Gold medal was took in both senior categories by Italy and from Turkey in the junior men and from Russia in the junior women.

Nine Countries had athletes who finished on the podium. Italy and Turkey dominated the medal table winning seven medals each but Italy had 3 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze, instead Turkey won 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze. Germany, Russia and Austria took 1 gold medal each. Great Britain and Northern Ireland won 2 silver and 1 bronze medals, Switzerland 1 silver, Slovenia 2 bronze and Romania 1 bronze.

First records in Gap at the International Youth Cup 2013! - 30 June 2013 Print
2013yiccretecharance.jpgOn July 7th, with the support of the City and the local club, the WMRA organizes in Gap its 8th edition of the International Youth Cup. It is the first time that France hosts this event; indeed, Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Ireland welcomed it in the past.
The traditional teams of Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, England and Ireland are entered, together Bulgaria, Poland, Scotland, Turkey, Wales and, of course, the hosting Country, France. But, for the first time, the Netherlands and Hungary are also sending a delegation.

Borovets (Bulgaria) is ready for hosting exciting European Mountain Running Championships 2013! - 29 June 2013 Print
2013eamrchlogo.jpg224 athletes from 27 European Athletics member federation countries are set to compete in the four race categories - 77 senior men, 67 senior women, 42 junior men and 38 junior women - in the mountain resort town of Borovets, Bulgaria, at the 12. European Mountain Running Championships.
The race will be an uphill race.
The final entries for the 2013 European Mountain Running Championships to be held, on 6 July have been published on the EA webpage.

The 5th Balkan Mountain Running Championships 2013 took place in Romania. - 19 June 2013 Print
2013balksmipodium.jpg14 medals for Turkish team at the 5th Balkan Mountain Running Championships held on 16th June 2013 at Poiana Brasov (Romania).
Teams of Bulgaria and of Romania won remaining medals: both 5 medals each.
Five Countries competing at the Championships: besides Turkey, Bulgaria and Rumania, athletes from Serbia and Moldova were also present at the competition.
In total 53 athletes took part at this Championships.

The Turkish runners won 6 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze medals. Turkish athletes occupied fully the podium in three categories: junior women, junior men and senior women, winning of course the team title in the same categories. Then in the senior women individual took bronze medal and the team senior women was silver.
Bulgaria and Romania gained 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze each.
In particular Bulgaria won individual title in the senior women's race and Romania won gold medal for team in the same category. Bulgarian runners obtained four additional awards in the team list: silver in junior women and senior men and bronze in senior women and junior men.
Hosting country Romania gained additional two silver medals in senior women individual and junior men team whilst the last two bronze medals were gained by team in junior women's and senior men's categories.

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