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4. WMRA Grand Prix race 2011 in Mayrhofen (Austria) - 27 July 2011 Print
2011gp2011autstart.jpgThe Harakiri Mountain run continues to grow and has an excellent international field assembled in the 3rd running of this event in Mayrhofen, Austria.
The runners will have 1170 m of climbing over 10.4 km of uphill running and finish at a height of 1.775m.
As the starting shot on next Sunday morning, the field is assembling into perhaps the finest of the year so far.
There are already 40 top seeded runners registered which include many of the finest Mountain Running athletes in the world, With 20 different nations represented, this is a fine testament to the spirit of the WMRA Grand Prix.

Arlan and Krkoc winners in the 3. WMRA Grand Prix race in Slovenia. - 25 July 2011 Print
2011lucijakrkocgrintovec.jpgThe 13th edition of  ‘Gorski tek na Grintovec' in Kamnik (SLO) uphill mountain challenge took place on Sunday 24th July 2011 in difficult conditions: for safety reasons the course was altered to protect the runners from severe weather on this exhausting course.
The organizer used the alternative course, actually just first 2/3 of the classic course, with still respectable 1200m elevation gain in just 6,0km and finish at "safe altitude" 1800m.
Stormy weather reduced the number of preliminary entered runners to half, but those determined to finish the tough course: they were coming from 13 countries.

WMRA Grand Prix 2011 goes on with 13. Gorski tek na Grintovec in Kamnik. - 21 July 2011 Print

grintovec09-winners.jpgAfter the EA and NACAC Mountain Running Championships, about 250 runners have entered the race 13. Gorski tek na Grintovec in Kamnik, third stage of 13. WMRA Grand Prix 2011.
Present top runners in the men race: Arslan, Schneider, Kosovelj and Krupicka (winner of the race in 2009).
Present top runners in the women race Lucija Krkoc and Denisa Dragomer (who is twice Junior European Champion 2010 and 2011).


USA runners took three gold at 8. NACAC M. R. Championships 2011 whist Canada was Champion Team men - 18 July 2011 Print

2011nacacteammen.jpgIn Aijijc, Mexico, American runner, Joe Gray, won 8. NACAC Mountain Running Championships 2011 in the men category with new record of the race.
Second and silver medallist was Ranulfo Sanchez, Mexican runner, and third and bronze medallist was James Gosselin, Canadian runner.


8. NACAC Mountain Running Championships 2011 will be run in Aijijc, Mexico, on next July 17. - 13 July 2011 Print

2011nacaclogo.jpgThe 8. NACAC Mountain Running Championships 2011 will be held in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico on next July 17. in conjunction with Carrera de La Chupinaya.
The race is a one loop 13.8 Km. course that starts at 1.550 mt.
The course climbs up to 2.625 mt, before descending back to the start.
The first mile of the course is on road, then goes onto single track trail.
Ajijic is about 55 km. from Guadalajara.
Team from USA, Canada and Mexico, will be present.


Wonderful 10. European Mountain Running Championships 2011 in Bursa-Uludag. - 10 July 2011 Print

2011eawinner.jpgIn front of the European Athletics President Hans Jorg Wirz, nine countries won medals at the 10. European Mountain Running Championships in Bursa - Uludag (Turkey), in which 26 countries took part.
The uphill races were held on a course which was a true test of mountain running skill, finishing at the ski station of Uludag, on a day when temperatures for the runners reached 30 degrees.
The host nation Turkey, dominated the event, winning nine medals in total (four gold, three silver, two bronze), only in the senior women's race did they not win a medal.
The strong mountain running nation of Italy were next with five medals (two gold, two silver, one bronze); then Romania (one gold and one silver) and Switzerland (one gold and one bronze) followed with two medals each.
The other countries on the podium where Russia and Czech Republic with one silver each, then Portugal with two bronze and Austria and Slovenia with one bronze each.


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