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The 31st Smarna gora race: WMRA Grand Prix winners Arslan and Mayr dominated the race. - 02 October 2010 Print
sg10arslan_f.jpgRunners from 10 countries gathered on the start line of the 31st Smarna gora race nearby Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia.
Weather conditions were promising excellent conditions for the runners - it was not too cold, the course was mostly dry.
The organizer decided to make some small changes on the course: the first flat part is little longer, the starting ascent is not so steep and the steep dangerous downhill section is replaced with short undulating part. So the course was extended from 9,0 to 10,0km but the elevation remains at 730m ascent and 300m descent.

Ahmet Arslan from Turkey - best non-African runner from the World Championships, that was held 4 weeks ago in Kamnik just 20km away from the Smarna gora - was running this race for the first time and started with respect to the 6-times world champion Wyatt, who had run the demanding and technical course already several times. Wyatt knew that the first uphill is his chance and he passed the first summit with small advantage, he even passed as the first runner the control point just before the end of the descent, but at the very last descent he was overtaken by Arslan and Krupicka from, who was also already the winner of the race 2 years ago. Ahmet Arslan set an excellent record time with 42:28.
We can find runners from 7 countries on the first 7 positions.


Smarna gora race: final race of the 12th WMRA G. P. 2010. A great event at the end of the season. - 27 September 2010 Print
smarnac.jpg31st edition of the Smarna Gora race will be also this year the final race of WMRA Grand Prix on next Saturday 2nd October 2010.

International mountain running competitions come back to Slovenia after the memorable World Mountain Running Championships in Kamnik on last beginning of September.

Slovenia Athletic Federation shows to be - at the moment - certainly one of the top Organiser in the World and also on next year 2011 at least two world mountain running event will be held in Slovenia: World Long Distance Challenge in Petrovo Brdo and International Youth Challenge in Gorenja vas.

Smarna gora is a hill at the most northern part of Ljubljana. It's a butte and looks like two humps of camel. Smarna gora has two peaks. Smarna gora and Grmada. The first peak is the popular one and is full of guests. On this peak you will also find an inn called Ledinek. Actually all the people in mountain running family knows this place due the fact that the international race is held since more then 30 years and it is absolutely one of the most ancient race in the world.


An important day for the mountain running: wonderful World Championships in Kamnik. - 08 September 2010 Print
women_i.flower1.jpgAbout 350 athletes of 39 Nations run in the 26th World Mountain Running Championships in Kanmik (Slovenia) on 5th September 2010. It was the record of Nations present.
One third of these Nations (13 in total) won at least one medal.

Four Nations won gold medals: three each for Turkey (plus two silver) and Eritrea (plus one silver) and one each Italy (plus one silver and two bronze) and Austria.
Switzerland took one silver and one bronze medal, instead Germany, Romania and USA won each one silver medal.
Finally one bronze medal each was obtained from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Russia and Uganda.

Enthusiasm and records of nations present at 26th World Mountain Running Championships in Kamnik. - 03 September 2010 Print
w.ch._2010banner.jpg40 Nations will be present at the WMRA Congress on 4th September: Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Rep., Eritrea, France, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Montenegro, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, U.S.A., Venezuela and hosting Country Slovenia.
Important is the official presence - for the first time - of Albania, Greece, Hungary, Japan and Sweden, also if Greece has not sent any athletes but only official to see more about the most important mountain running event in the year.

Peter Kukovica, President of Athletic Slovenian Federation (AZS), together Boris Mikluz, AZS Director, Dusan Papez, LOC President, and Anton Tone Smolnikar, Mayor of Kamnik City, are all very happy to host the 26th World Mountain Running Championships 2011, also because about 360 athletes coming from all the world will run on the beautiful venue of Velika Planina, fourthly kilometres from Ljubljana, Slovenia Capital.

Thank volunteers and sponsor the Championships will be certainly a fantastic success!


16 Countries on the podium of the 10th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships 2010. - 29 August 2010 Print
012.jpgKorbielow hosted the 10th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships 2010, held in Poland on last 28th August for the second time, after the first official edition of this Championships, in Ustron on 2001.

Czech Team won the medal table with a total of 12 medals: 8 gold (6 individual plus two team), 2 (2 team) silver and 2 (2 individual) bronze. Second was Germany with a total of 15 medals: 7 gold (4 individual +3 team), 5 (5 individual) silver and 3 bronze (1 individual +2 team), whilst third was Italy with a total of 13 medals: 5 (2 individual +3 team) gold, 7 (6 individual +1 team) silver and 1 (1 individual) bronze.  Other six Countries won gold medals: Slovakia (2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze), Poland (1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze), Ireland (1 gold and 1 silver), Scotland, Slovenia and Hungary (with 1 gold each). England obtained 2 medals (1 silver and 1 bronze), like Ukraine (2 bronze). Finally one bronze each won Austria, Netherland, New Zealand, Switzerland and USA.
So in total 16 Countries (of the 26 present) climbed on the podium  of the 10th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships 2010.


10th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Champs - Korbielow (POL):present athletes of 26 nations! - 27 August 2010 Print
mwmrc2010c.jpgOn next Saturday 28th  August 2010, in Korbielow Poland will be held the 10th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships.

At the start there will be more then 500 athletes coming from 26 nations from all the world (not only European runners but also American, Colombian, Venezuelan, Australian, New Zealenders and so on).

On the beautiful track of Pilsko Mountain,  Mirosław Dziergas, LOC President, with Stefan Kalinowski, LOC Vice President, Andrzej Puchacz, LOC General Secretary, and all LOC staff, are sure that there will be a great mountain running event, following suggest of WMRA Delegate, Wolfgang Munzel.

WMRA President, Bruno Gozzelino (ITA), and WMA Vice President, Brian Keaveney (CAN - Chairman of WMA Not Stadia Committee) will attend to the event, together representatives of PZLA, Edward Stawiarz (PZLA Council Member and former Olympic runner).

Many Local Authorities will support the Championships starting from Mizia Władysław, Mayor of Jeleśnia Community, and Zieliński Andrzej, Governor of Żywiec County, and also private sponsors gave their great assistance to the event.


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