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16 Countries present at the 10. WMRA World Long Distance M. R. Challenge 2013 at Szklarska Poreba. - 29 July 2013 Print
ldmrch2013logo.jpgOn August 3rd, 2013, Szklarska Poręba (Poland) will welcome the best long distance mountain runners.
There will be tenth WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge 2013.

Szklarska Poręba is a town beautifully located in the valley of the Kamienna River and its tributaries at the height of 440-886m above sea-level, surrounded from the south by the slopes of Karkonosze, with Mt. Szrenica (1362m AMSL) towering over the town, from the north by the Jizera Mountains with the High Stone (1058m AMSL) and the Black Mountain (965m AMSL), and from the East by the Foothills of Karkonosze, separating the town from Jeleniogórska Valley.
The distance runs through marked hiking trails along the ridge of the Karkonosze Mountains.
700 athletes from 22 countries and 16 WMRA Athletics Member Federation countries will take part in the race for the championship. Exactly the Countries who announced their official presence are: Australia, Czech Rep., England, Germany, Hungary. Ireland, Italy, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine, USA, Wales and, of course, hosting country, Poland.

Slovenian Mateja Kosovelj and Eritrean Teklay Azeria are the winners of Grand Prix race in Slovenia. - 29 July 2013 Print
2013_3_gp_kosovelj_w.jpgSlovenian Mateja Kosovelj and Eritrean Teklay Azeria Weldemariam won the third stage of the WMRA Grand Prix 2013 at Kamnik, Slovenia.
258 Runners from 14 countries gathered on the start line of the 15th Grintovec race in a beautiful valley of Kamniska Bistrica 25km north from Ljubljana.
Some world top mountain runners attended: 2012 winner and the winner of the first Grand Prix race Azerya Teklay Weldemariam from Eritrea, European silver medallist Italian Alex Baldaccini and his team mate Gabrielle Abate, British Robbie Simpson and Sam Tosh, Japanese Yujiro Iida and Fujio Miyachi, etc.

WMRA Grand Prix resumes in Kamnik. - 23 July 2013 Print
grintovec_winner_2012-teklay_pek.jpgAfter the European and NACAC Mountain Running Championships, more than 200 runners from 14 countries have entered the 15th edition of "The Grintovec Mountain running race", the third stage of 2013 WMRA Grand Prix, that will be held on Sunday 28th July in Kamnik, Slovenia.
The course is a real mountain course, taking the normal trail from the Kamniska Valley (602m) to the Grintovec summit (2554m).
Almost 2000m elevation gain on less than 10km; normal hikers need 6 hours to reach the summit and another six to go back.
Course record holders are Jonathan Wyatt and Anna Pichrtova (1:15:43 and 1:31:50, both in 2006) and it seems that those records will last for a long time.

10th NACAC Mountain Running Championships 2013: USA Triumph! - 22 July 2013 Print
2013nacac082_bannerwmra_nacac.jpgToday, on July 21, 2013, the Cranmore Hill Climb presented by Northeast Delta Dental hosted the 10th NACAC Mountain Running Championships in North Conway, New Hampshire, USA.
Teams from Canada, Mexico, and USA participated.

Team scoring for the women included up to four women per team with the top two scoring, while the men could run up to four men on the team with the top three scoring.


Bernard Dematteis and Emma Clayton in world class form at Arco WMRA Grand Prix Race. - 22 July 2013 Print
2013_2_gp_winnermen.jpgAt Arco for the second stage of the WMRA Grand Prix 2013 there were two splendid races!
Italian man Bernard Dematteis and English woman Emma Clayton won the races with a world-class performance.

The track was technical in parts and had a spectacular and very interesting profile.
18 cameras around  the course allowed all those who attended the races in the start/finish area to enjoy the entire race live, thanks to the exquisite images projected onto a big screen showing the excitement of the races.
The impressive LOC, with its Chairman Franco Travaglia, provided an interesting mountain running track.
The presence of FIDAL Officials and of Local politicians were an impressive basis for an application of staging the European Mountain Running Championships 2016, which was announced at the event.

10. NACAC Mountain Running Championship at Cranmore (USA): a special event in USA. - 19 July 2013 Print
2013_nacaclogo.jpgOn July 21, 2013, the Cranmore Hill Climb presented by Northeast Delta Dental will welcome the nation's best mountain runners during an unprecedented trifecta. For the first time, the USA Mountain Running Championships, the North American Central America Caribbean (NACAC) Mountain Running Championships, and the U.S. Mountain Team selection will all happen simultaneously at one venue resulting in the, ‘race within the race', moniker and the promise of an amazing day of competition.
Canada with senior men (David Le Porho, Jeff Gosselin, Alister Gardner) and senior Women (Meggan Franks, Sarah  Bergeron-larouche, Melanie Nadeau, Sarah Baribeau), and Mexico with senior men (Jose Alberto Madera Vega and Víctor Manuel Mercado Miranda), Junior Men (Ricardo Ibarra Ibarra, Fabián Vera Gutiérrez, José de jesús de Loa Ángel, Omar Ernesto Ponce Mendivil) and Junior Women (Ana Rosa Gómez Velázquez, Sandra Lizeth López Navarro, Ramona Jazmín Jaúregui Muñoz, Verónica de Loa Ángel) will compete against the USA team formed from senior men (Max King, Glenn Randall, Joseph Gray, Ryan Woods) and senior women: (Michele Yates, Morgan Arritola, Megan Lizotte, Amber Reece-Young).
The junior mountain running team (athletes who are at least 16 in the year of competition and not yet 20), will not be selected at Cranmore, rather the four junior men and three junior women who comprise the team are chosen based on their resumes which must be sent to Kirsch by July 15.
However, the U.S. senior team - six men and four women - will be selected at Cranmore. The team will compete in Poland at the 29th World Mountain Running Championships on September 8, 2013.

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