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15th WMRA Grand Prix 2013 at the start! Montée du Grand-Ballon at France wait Champions! - 23 May 2013 Print
arslangb2012.jpgFor the fifth year, the Montée du Grand-Ballon in France is welcome the 15 WMRA Grand-Prix next 2nd June in Willer-sur-Thur.
This 33th race on the top of the Vosges is also this year and like in 2000, the French mountain running championship and the trail race for the Swiss team for the next European championship.
The promise of a really high level race this year.

WMRA Newsletter 2013 is published and it is now available in the WMRA webpage. - 22 May 2013 Print
2013covernewsl.jpgAs usual, just before the beginning of WMRA season for the most important international races, the "WMRA Newsletter 2013", issue number 18 of its Annual Magazine, was published by WMRA.
Also this year the WMRA Newsletter is available to download on the WMRA webpage: Clicking "about us", followed by "Newsletter".
As usual the Newsletter gives a summary of the activity for last year 2012 and previews the competition in 2013. This year the WMRA magazine consists of 24 pages.

WMRA Council (last day): definition of mountain running for IAAF Rule Book - 14 January 2013 Print
2013diack.jpgDuring the final day of meetings for the WMRA Council in Monte Carlo, the definition of mountain running was discussed at length which resulted in proposed language for a new rule to appear in the IAAF rule book: this new rule numbered 251 could replace actual rule 250.10. 
It was agreed by the Council that there are extreme variations in conditions in which Mountain running is practiced worldwide.

11th - 13th January 2013: three days for WMRA Council meeting at Monte Carlo - 13 January 2013 Print
2013council.jpgImportant WMRA Council meeting is working on progress on this weekend at Monte Carlo.
First of all, WMRA is happy to report that the WMRA relationship with the IAAF continues to be a solid one.

Not only does the WMRA receive financial support, but also advice on many administrative manners that assist the WMRA with their many programs including the World Mountain Running Championships, the WMRA Grand Prix, the World Long Distance Challenge, the International Youth Cup.
Representatives at the WMRA meetings from the IAAF included Essar GABRIEL, IAAF General Secretary, David OKEYO, Chairman IAAF Cross Country Committee, Sean WALLACE-JONES, Senior Manager, IAAF, and Paul HARDY, IAAF Competitions Director.
The WMRA is also pleased to have at our meetings, Pierre WEISS, honorary member of WMRA.
"We have conducted last year the IAAF strategic plan. You (WMRA) are part of the family," said GABRIEL during the WMRA meetings, "This road map (the strategic plan), has us looking at our priorities and our vision."
Happily this vision includes the WMRA and its many programs.

Mountain Running in the history of the Athletic: IAAF Centenary Historic Exhibition at Barcelona. - 26 November 2012 Print
museo2.jpgIAAF celebrated the Centenary of the Foundation at Barcelona with two days full of wonderful events.
More than 800 persons coming from all the world attended at the Celebration: among them about 200 athletes winner of gold medals to the Olympic Games and/or World Athletic Championships!
A lot of IAAF Officials (starting from President and Council Members) and Officials representing National Athletic Federations met at Barcelona for this unique moment.
Bruno Gozzelino, as WMRA President, attended to the Celebration.
Galia Puhaleva, like Bulgarian Athletic Federation, but also WMRA Council member, was also present.

Alex Baldaccini, Italian mountain running, have been voted as the European Athletes of October 2012. - 26 November 2012 Print
baldaccinic.jpgThe 24-year-old Alex Baldaccini won the men's race at the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) Grand Prix final in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 7 October: EA announced that he was voted as European Athlete of the Month for October in the men category.
In the women category, Matejai Kosovelj, Slovenian mountain runner arrived third, whilst Turkey's Elvan Abeylegesse have been voted as the European Athletes of the Month for October. Abeylegesse, the 2010 European Athletics Championships 10,000m gold medalist returned to form with a run over 20km in Paris in 65:42, the fastest time by a European over this distance since 2006. The double Olympic medallist missed out on most of the 2012 season due to injury.

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