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5. Asitz Summit Mountain Run 2013 next stage of WMRA Grand Prix 2013. - 13 September 2013 Print
2013leogangoldstart.jpgThe Asitz Summit Mountain Run in Saalfelden Leogang has been classed as part of the Mountain Running Grand Prix by the IAAF for the first time this year and will probably feature a mountain running duel of the highest level between the ex-Mountain Running World Champion and new King of the Dolomites Petro Mamo and the three times World vice Champion, Azaria Teklay - both from Eritrea.
This unique encounter between two ‘gazelles' on Austrian soil will probably result in a sudden improvement in the track record held by Alexander Rieder.
Mitja Kosovelj, current World Long Distance Mountain Running challenge winner, will also test this new international course.

Italy and Uganda triumphed at 30. World Mountain Running Championships 2013. - 09 September 2013 Print
2013gaggi.jpg329 athletes coming from 39 nations were present at the start of the races staged for the 30. WMRA World Mountain Running Championships 2013 at Krynica Zdroj, Poland.
In all 10 Countries won medals and five of them were gold.
Italy was the most successful Country in the medal table with three gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze.
They were followed by Uganda with two gold medals, one silver medal and one bronze medal and by Great Britain with one gold medal, two silver medals and one bronze medal.
The Czech Republic and USA had one gold medal each.
The other 5 countries who won medals were Turkey with one silver and two bronze; Slovenia one silver and Austria, Russia and Ireland with one bronze medal each.


Important decisions were made by the 30. WMRA Congress at Krynica Zdroj Poland,on 6. September 2013. - 09 September 2013 Print
council2013.jpg40 of the 43 record number of Countries now affiliated to the WMRA were present at the 30th WMRA Congress in Poland (India, Netherlands and Liechtenstein were absent), where the WMRA President, Secretary and Treasurer were unanimously elected for next four years.
Italian Bruno Gozzelino was re-confirmed as the President for another term as was Nancy Hobbs USA as Treasurer. Welshman Adrian Woods GBR was elected as the newWMRA Secretary.

Regarding the five places as WMRA Directors for the next two years, existing Council members Wolfgang Munzel (Germany), Erhan Basoglu (Turkey), Galia Puhaleva (Bulgaria) and Tomo Sarf (Slovenia) were also confirmed.
The only new entry was Andrzej Puchacz (Poland) who replaced Italian Raimondo Balicco.

29. WMRCh. 2013 are coming to Poland as the main attraction of the Running Festival in Krynica-Zdrój - 04 September 2013 Print
logowmra2013or.jpgUpcoming Sunday 8th of September is the fest for mountain running champions and enthusiasts Krynica-Zdrój is the host for the 29. WMRA Mountain Running World Championships 2013.
There are 365 runners from 40 countries and 5 continents on the start list.

Japanese runners are coming, as are the Czechs, the Hungarians, the British, the Russians and of course the Polish: Anna Celińska (bronze medalist 10. WMRA World Long Distance M. R. Challenge 2013 at Szklarska Poręba) and Dominika Wiśniewska-Ulfik are in the best shape nowadays.
Still runners from Uganda, Eritrea, Italy, Turkey, Germany and USA are among the favourites.
The hot names are Annabel Mason from Great Britain, Çesminaz Yillmaz, Burcu Subatan and Ramazan Karagoz from Turkey (all juniors), Valentina Belotti and Elisa Desco from Italy, Marie-Laure Dumergues from France, Bernard and Martin Dematteis, Alex Baldaccini and Xavier Chevrier from Italy, Geoffrey Kusuro from Uganda and Max King from USA (all seniors).

Mountain Runner, Stephen Kiprotich surges to 2013 World Marathon title in Moscow. - 04 September 2013 Print
kiprotich2010kamnik.jpgStephen Kiprotich, one of Uganda's Mountain running team in 2010, who took the 2012 Olympic Marathon title in London 2012 has again scaled a global peak with victory in Moscow at the IAAF World Championships Marathon 2013.
Kiprotich surged ahead in the late stages to win ahead of 2 Ethiopian rivals.
With a best time of 2 hours and 7 minutes global dominance continues for this humble mountain running Ugandan athlete who took 5th place at the 2010 World Mountain Running Championships in Kamnik, Slovenia.


13. Master World Mountain Running Championships at Janske Lazne - 01 September 2013 Print
2013mastermedal.jpgThere were 23 Nations represented at the start of the 13. World Master Mountain Running Championships in Czech Rep.  at Janske Lazne.
13 nations took at least one medal!
475 master finished the race: 117 women and 358 men.

In total Germany won 15 gold medals of which 6 gold medals (exactly 33%) in the individual result with 2 men and 4 women in gold-medal position. Hosting Country, Czech Rep. won 5 gold medals (individual: 2 women plus team: 2 team men and 1 team women), followed by the Great Britain with 4 gold, two for men individual, one for women individual and one team men, and Italy with 3 gold, one for men individual, one team men and one team women. Two gold medals were gained by the Poland (both in men: one individual and one team) and the Austria (one individual men and one individual women).
Finally one gold medal was one by Slovakia, Switzerland and USA.
Also France and New Zealand had athletes on the podium with one silver each and Ireland and Netherlands with one bronze each.


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