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Smarna gora will host again the WMRA Grand Prix final. - 02 October 2012 Print
einfalt_smarna_2011.jpgThe International Smarna Gora Mountain Running Race remains one of the highlights of the mountain running season, and its rich tradition will continue on Saturday, October 6, with its 33rd edition.
After Turkish organizers in Bursa canceled what was to be the final race of the 2012 WMRA Grand Prix circuit, the Smarna Gora race organizing committee met and the decision was made to help the WMRA by again hosting this top class international mountain running event as the final race in the Grand Prix.
In spite of the change of the Grand Prix final race date -- from September 22 to October 6 -- and a different type of mountain course -- up/down vs uphill, the WMRA Grand Prix final will attract many top runners to the slopes of Smarna gora.

The 33. Smarna Gora International race to host final race of WMRA Grand Prix 2012. - 21 September 2012 Print
The 33. Smarna Gora Inter2012gpfinal.jpgnational race will the Final race of the WMRA Grand Prix 2012.
Due to the cancellation of the Inaugural Bursa International race, WMRA Council member Tomo Sarf, with the support of Slovenian Athletic Federation and LOC of the event, offered to stage the Final WMRA Grand Prix race on October 6, 2012, at the 33rd Smarna Gora International race.
The Smarna Gora International race has previously hosted the WMRA Grand Prix final event with much success and with this positive relationship and history in mind, the WMRA Council unanimously accepted Smarna Gora as the venue for the final WMRA Grand Prix event 2012.
Ljubljiana, Slovenia looks forward to hosting the top mountain runners for this important international WMRA event on Saturday, 6. October 2012.

Information about Final Grand Prix race 2012. - 19 September 2012 Print

logo_iaaf_permit.jpgThe mountain race at Bursa, Turkey, on September 23, 2012 was to be the Final race of the WMRA Grand Prix 2012 program, but was canceled due to organizational problems.
Within the next 24 hours, the WMRA will provide an update about the status of the Final race of the WMRA Grand Prix 2012 which will be promptly posted on the on the WMRA  webpage.

USA, Austria and Switzerland: gold medals at the 9. World Long Distance Mountain Running Champ. 2012 - 10 September 2012 Print
2012ldmrchcooly.jpgTwo wonderful sunshine days welcomed the runners to the 20. Jungfrau Marathon, valid like 9. WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge 2012, held at Interlaken, Switzerland.
6317 were in total the runners who finished races: 4868 men and 1449 women and more than two hundred runner did not arrived to the finish. A record of participants!
Medal table of the 9. WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge 2012 saw USA with 4 medals (2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze) in the leader position, then Austria with 3 medals (1 each gold silver and bronze), Hosting Country Switzerland with 2 medals (1 gold and 1 silver), Slovenia with 1 silver medal and Germany and Kenya with 1 bronze each.

20. Jungfrau-Marathon: two Marathons at World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge 2012 - 06 September 2012 Print
2012ldrmchprev1.jpgAfter 2007 the Word Mountain Running Association (WMRA) has chosen the Jungfrau-Marathon for the second time to organize the World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge.
The women world champion will be chosen on 8 September 2012.
The men's world championships race will take place on 9 September 2012.
On Saturday all the women categories as well as the men categories M50 to M70 will start for the race.
On Sunday the men categories M20, M40 and M45 will start for the race.
The starting time for both marathons (Saturday and Sunday) will be 9 am.

28. World Mountain Running Championships 2012: in Italy the record of nations competing. - 03 September 2012 Print
2012wchswinbel.jpgA record 40 nations competed in 28. World Mountain Running Championships 2012 in Ponte di Legno, Italy with eleven nations earning medals in the four events.
The LOC from the Italian villages of Temu, Tonale and Ponte di Legno were impressive with their quality of course and hospitality.
The weather was rainy for the two days preceding the race, but race day saw the Vallemonica area host fantastic conditions for mountain running with temperatures between 10-15 degrees C with just a slight breeze.
Medal table of the event saw five Countries that won titles.
2 gold medals each for Turkey (plus 2 silver and 1 bronze), for Eritrea (plus 1 silver) and for Uganda, whilst one gold medal each for USA (plus 1 bronze) and for Austria. Italy won four medals in total: 3 silver and 1 bronze. Germany won 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, and Great Britain 1 silver. Bronze medals also for Russia (two) and for Slovenia and Switzerland (one each).
There were many supporters from the mountain running families of Menici, Agostini, Donati and the team of volunteers hosted a challenging course.

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