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Andrea Mayr (AUT) and Petro Mamu (ERI) dominated the final race of 16. World Cup Mountain Running. - 06 October 2014 Print
2014wcwinners.jpgRunners from eleven countries gathered on the start line of the 35. Smarna gora race, the final race of the Mountain running World Cup.
Before the final race, the winners Mamu and Mayr were practically known – only theoretically Mitja and Mateja Kosovelj could jump to the first positions.
Of course, this did not happen and Andrea Mayr and Petro Mamu became the winners of the first Mountain Running World Cup.
The overall result of 16. WMRA World Cup 2014 show in men result as winner the Eritrean Petro Mamu, second was Swiss David Schnieder and third Italian Alex Baldaccini. Another iTalian runner finished in the top position that is Emanuele Mazi (fifth). But at the end, seven nations had athletes in the first ten position: Slovenia with Mitja Kosovelj (fourth), Kenya with three runners: Isaac Toroitich Kosgei (sixth), Francis Muigai Wangari (seventh) and Hirum Wandangi (ninth), British Robbie Simpson (eighth) and  Austrian Stefan Paternoster (tenth).
Instead the overall result of 16. WMRA World Cup 2014 show in women result behind Austrian Andrea Mayr, second the Slovenian Mateja Kosovelj and third the Hungarian Timea Merény.
Following in the first ten position, there were three Italian runners: Alice Gaggi (fourth), Antonella Confortola (fifth) and Valentina Belotti (seventh); then Kenyan Lucy Wambui (sixth), British Sarah Tunstall (eight), Slovenian Jana Bratina (ninth) and German Malenie Noll (tenth). So finally athletes coming from seven different countries were in the first ten position.

Smarna Gora M. R. Race will decide the 16th WMRA World Cup 2014 - 30 September 2014 Print
2014preview6gpa.jpgThe International Smarna Gora Mountain Running Race remains one of the highlights of the mountain running season, and its rich tradition will continue on Saturday October 4, with its 35th edition.
Also this year the race is the exiting final of the 16th WMRA World Cup!

In the fall season of 1979 running enthusiasts from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, decided to organize a race to the top of one of the most popular mountains in Slovenia at Smarna Gora.
Nobody envisaged that it would become such a massive event with worldwide popularity.
The mountain running champions of the world will again be crowned this Saturday at this magnificent mountain peak.

W. Ch. 2014: Uganda dominates the medal, Mayr claims her fifth World Title. - 15 September 2014 Print
w._ch._2014_a_sm_winner_339_ok.jpg The white marble coloured the 30th edition of the World Mountain Running Championships in Casette di Massa, an unprecedented experience marked by the course winding up inside a marble cave of the famous “Bacino di Gioia” with the Apuan Alps and the Tirreno Sea on the backdrop.
Along the course there were thousands of spectators, including the many fans who turned up in huge numbers to give their support for the home team.
Uganda dominated the medal table winning the men’s race where Isaac Kiprop led a medal sweep for his country, both the men’s and women’s junior races with Phillip Kipyeko and Stella Chesang and the men’s senior team ranking.
Thirty-four year-old Austrian Andrea Mayr became the first runner to clinch five world titles with a dominant race.
Ten Countries (among the fourthy present) came back home with medals!
Uganda in total won 6 medals (four gold, one silver and one bronze).The Italian team won three medals: gold for the women’s senior team, bronze for the men’s senior team and silver for the men’s junior team. The Turkish also kept three medals totally: one gold, one silver and one bronze. Other two teams won gold: Germany (1 gold and silver)  and Austria (1 gold). USA this year had 3 medals in total: 1 silver and 2 bronze; the Great Britain with 1 sivler and bronze, followed by Kenya (for the first time present at WMRA Corld Mountain Running Championships, as Andorra) and Eritrea with one silver each; Czech Team was able to win 2 bronze medals, finished tenth in the medal table. 

W. Ch. 2014 at Casette of Massa: a world adventure between mountains and marble. - 10 September 2014 Print

It’s just a few days to go to the World Mountain Running Championships on 14th September in Casette di Massa in the Italian region of Tuscany on the amazing backdrop of the Apuan Alps.
The 30th edition of these Championships will be staged on a “only-up” course which will go through a cave of the famous “Bacino di Gioia” in the final section of the course.

Here the marble, which gave shape to many masterpieces of Italian art, is extracted.
The World Championships will feature almost 400 athletes from 40 countries from the five Continents.
It’s the eighth time that this event is held in Italy, which boasts a long tradition in this discipline.
On Saturday 13th September the Opening Ceremony of the 2014 World Mountain Championships will be highlighted by the delivery of a block of marble, from which Italian artist Fabio Viale will carve the statue dedicated to Pietro Mennea which will be located at the Stadio dei Marmi in Rome which is already named after the former 200 metres Olympic champion and World record holder.
Look a video presentation of the race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puQfeacB9LA#t=26


Germany, Italy and Austria dominated 14. WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships. - 09 September 2014 Print
2014_mastertelfesb.jpgMore than eight hundred masters entries and 755 of them finished the race at the 14. WMRA/WMA Master Championships, held on Saturday, September 6th, at Telfes (Austria).
26 Nations had athletes at the finish of the competition: Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Slovakia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Norway, Lithuania, Nederland, Slovenia, Czech, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Ukraine, UAE and Malaysia.

Very interesting is the fact that 16 Nations had at least one master on the podium.
Germany and Italy won both 11 gold medals (and both gained four individual titles and seven team titles): Germany kept also 10 silver and seven bronze for a total of 28 medals, instead Italy won 5 silver and 10 bronze for a total of 26 medals.
Just behind these two Teams there was host Country Austria: Austrian Masters were able to obtain a total of 15 medals: 7 gold (5 individual and 2 team), 5 silver and 3 bronze.
The National anthem of Czech Rep., USA, Australia, Slovakia and Sweden sound at Telfes for celebrating the victory of one master of each these nations.
Eight Nations won at least one gold medal. Czech rep, was fourth in the medal table with 7 medal in total (1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze); USA won 2 medals (1 gold and 1 silver); instead Australia, Slovakia and Sweden won the only one gold medal. Swiss  team had 4 silver medals; Great Britain 1 silver and 4 bronze; New Zealand 1 silver and 1 bronze; Poland, Slovenia, France and Russia won 1 silver each and finally Ireland had 3 bronze medals.

14. WMRA/WMA Master Mountain Running Championships 2014 at Telfes. - 04 September 2014 Print
2014masters10km.jpgEntries are expected from nearly 900 runners, representing about 30 Nations, for the 14. WMRA/WMA World Mountain Running Championship 2014, that will be held on next Saturday, September, 6.
Runners coming form about thirty Nations will run at the beautiful venue in the Tyrol Region.
Present at the competition will be Mr. Bruno Gozzelino, WMRA President, Mr. Wolfgang Munzel, WMRA Delegate, Mr. Tomo Sarf , WMRA Council member, and Mrs. Nancy Hobbs, WMRA Treasurer, who also will compete in the Championships.
Austria Athletics Federation will be present in Telfes with Mr. Hubert Lang, ÖLV Vice President „Non Stadia & Masters“ and with Mr., Helmut Schmuck, Chairman of the Austrian Mountain Running Commission.

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