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Anthems of 8 Nations sound at Susa for celebrating world master Champions. Italy dominated races! - 29 August 2016 Print
startmaster2016_m55_60.jpgThe 16th edition of World Masters Mountain Running Championships 2016 in Susa was a big success. 
We’d like to remember the important authorities that were in Susa for the closing ceremony. 
Together Bruno Gozzelino, WMRA President of WMRA, and Wolfgang Munzel and Nancy Hobbs, WMRA Council member, Stan Perkins, President of WMA (for the first time present at this kind of event), Brian Kaeveney, WMA Council member,  Maurizio Damilano, Olympic Champion Moscow 1980 and actually President of FIDAL Piemonte, Livio Berruti, Olympic Champion Roma 1960 and Honorary President of LOC, Adriano Aschieris, president of LOC and of Atletica Susa, Giovanni Maria Ferraris, Chairman of Sport Commission of Piemonte Regione, Alberto Bolaffi of Bolaffi SPA, main sponsor of the event, the mayors of Susa, Mompantero, Bussoleno and Venaus.
Three sunny days in the Valsusa Valley through the history: from the Roman Empire age until the II World War, from the Augusto’s Arch until the stone in memory of Battle of Grange Sevine between italian’s partisan, lead by Commander Aldo Laghi alias Giulio Bolaffi, and SS soldiers.  
The path of the World Masters Mountain Running Championships is very important for the traditions of mountain running discipline. 
Here a lot of world champions run and won in the past but also during this year competition with big honours. 
26 nations, 715 athletes, 200 volunteers, two paths one of 6,4km and the other about 11km with very important high difference (about 1400 metres maximum).

Masters of about 30 Countries will run at Susa for MWMRCh. 2016. - 24 August 2016 Print

World Masters Mountain Running Championships Susa (Itay) 2016 are ready to start with great numbers: 700 athletes enrolled in the master race and in the open race, 27 countries including Italy.
Among the countries with the highest number of athletes, are Italy with 325 athletes, Great Britain, with 65 members, Germany (39) and Slovakia (33). Ireland (23), Czech Republic (22), Norway (14), Spain (13), France (9), Poland (9), Malta (6), Switzerland (6), USA (5), New Zeland (4), Austria (4), Serbia (3), Sweden (3), Netherlands (3), Australia (2), Slovenia (2), Portugal (1), Hungary (1), Denmark (1), Cuba (1), Belgium (1), Belarus (1), Mexico (1) will also be present.
The World Masters Mountain Running Championships, are hosted by Italy for the third time after the 2004 edition in Sauze d’Oulx (Turin) and the 2011 edition in Paluzza (Udine).
The ones of 2016 are the 16th edition of the event.


Mamu and Mayr triumphed in the 3. stage of W. Cup 2016 at Telfes. - 31 July 2016 Print
gp32016winners.jpgPetro Mamu (ERI) and Andrea Mayr (AUT) are the clear winners of the third stage of the World Mountain Running Cup 2016 in Telfes-Stubaitall-Austria.
After some nice sunny days in Stubai Valley it stared to rain right an hour before almost 200 runners from 11 countries gathered on the start line in Telfes. 
Light rain did not spoil the atmosphere; the runners don’t like hot sunny weather. 
Luckily it stopped raining just before the race started and only the wet, slippery ground remained. 
Runners enjoyed the 11,5 km long course with almost 1300m elevation gain. 
Only on the way back to the valley they found energy to admire all the beauties of this unique landscape.

The Schlickeralmlauf is again part of the WMRA World Cup: third stage in 2016. - 27 July 2016 Print
20163wcwomen.jpgThe 28th International Schlickeralmlauf on July 31st 2016 in Telfes in the Stubai Valley is the third stage of the WMRA World Cup race series this year. 
The Schlickeralmlauf in Telfes in the Stubai Valley manifests its importance as an International mountain running event. 
On 31st of July 2016 the run will – once again – be an official stop on the Mountain Running World Cup tour. 
Around the climax on Sunday, the Telfer Wiesen Run, the children runs and the charity run will again take place the day before, on 30th of July 2016.

Mamu and Confortola won second stage of 18. WMRA World Cup at Kamnik. - 25 July 2016 Print
gp22016winners.jpgAntonella Confortola (ITA) and Petro Mamu (ERI) are the winners of the 18th Grintovec Mountain Running race, the second stage of the Mountain Running World Cup 2016. 
Both were on the top of the list of the favourites already before the start of the race.  
Sunny summer conditions were friendly to the organizer and hundreds of spectators who came to encourage more than 200 runners. 
Especially in the upper part of the curse, the atmosphere was incredible and runners were extra motivated to run to the limits of their power.

18. WMRA M. R. World Cup 2016 resumes in Kamnik: 18. the Grintovec M. R. race on 24. July 2016. - 22 July 2016 Print
wckrkocok.jpgAfter the EAA and NACAC Mountain Running Championships, more than 200 runners from 12 countries have entered the 18th edition of The Grintovec Mountain running race, the second stage of 2016 Mountain Running World Cup, which will be held on Sunday 24th July in Kamnik, Slovenia.
The course is a true mountain course, taking the normal trail from the Kamniska Valley (602m) to the Grintovec summit (2558m). 
Almost 2000m elevation gain in less than 10km; recreational hikers need over six hours to reach the summit and another six to get back. 
Course record holders are Jonathan Wyatt and Anna Pichrtova (1:15:43 and 1:31:50 respectively, both in 2006) and it seems that those records will last for a long time.

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