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Borovets (Bulgaria) is ready for hosting exciting European Mountain Running Championships 2013! Print
2013eamrchlogo.jpg224 athletes from 27 European Athletics member federation countries are set to compete in the four race categories - 77 senior men, 67 senior women, 42 junior men and 38 junior women - in the mountain resort town of Borovets, Bulgaria, at the 12. European Mountain Running Championships.
The race will be an uphill race.
The final entries for the 2013 European Mountain Running Championships to be held, on 6 July have been published on the EA webpage.

2013eabulmap.jpgFor the first time ever Luxemburg announced the presence, while Greece and Malta will participate for the second time.
All the stronger runners from Continent will run this Championships and certainly the competition will be very exciting.
It is not easy to indicate the favorites.
In the senior men race, certainly Ahmet Arslan will try to win the seven consecutive European title, but a group of other athletes starting from all the member of Italian team or Belgian Joly Jente or Slovenian Mitja Kosovelj but also team from Great Britain, Russia, Czech and Norway could try for taking medals.
In the senior women race there is a wonderful list of champions. With the presence of five European Champions are at the start: Austrian Andrea Mayr, French Marie Laure Dumergues, Italian Elisa Desco, and the two Swiss Martina Straehl and Monika Furholz (defending champion) plus a lot of other medalist as Slovenians Lucija Krkoc and Mateja Kosovelj or Italian Valentina Belotti or British Sarah Tunstall or Russian Nadezhda Leshchinskaia or Czechian Pavla Schorna Matyasova but also Romanian Denisa Ionela Dragomir (twice junior European Champion in 2010 and 2011) or Turkish Yasemin Can (silver European Championships 2010) is impossible to make any prediction!
Annabel Mason will defend  her European title of last year; at the start also the bronze medalist 2012 Turkish Cesminaz Yilmaz; and a lot of strong runners like Slovenian Lea Einfalt.
Very uncertain prediction in the junior men's race. None of the medal winners in the latest editions of the European Championship will be at this year's race.
Bulgaria organise for the second time the European Mountain Running Championships (the first time was on 2010 at Sapareva Banya).2013eahotelbul.jpg
The Bulgarian team will try to get on the podium with some of his athlete but will not be easy!
European Athletics President Hansjörg Wirz will attend the event. 
The President of Bulgarian Athletic Federation, Dobromir Karamarinov, will chair the annual meeting of European Athletics Mountain Running Commission on Sunday. 
Karamarinov and the whole staff of Bulgarian Federation (including Galia Puhaleva WMRA Council members) together with the local Municipality and a few devoted volunteers are working hard to provide a certainly a perfect event for the success of the beautiful discipline of mountain running!

News by Bruno Gozzelino

Photos (by LOC):
On front page:
- logo of the event;
On second page:
- map of the race;
- view of the hotel, headquarter of the competition.

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