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First records in Gap at the International Youth Cup 2013! Print
2013yiccretecharance.jpgOn July 7th, with the support of the City and the local club, the WMRA organizes in Gap its 8th edition of the International Youth Cup. It is the first time that France hosts this event; indeed, Italy, Slovenia, Germany and Ireland welcomed it in the past.
The traditional teams of Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, England and Ireland are entered, together Bulgaria, Poland, Scotland, Turkey, Wales and, of course, the hosting Country, France. But, for the first time, the Netherlands and Hungary are also sending a delegation. In total, there will be 15 countries for the boys' race and 12 for the girls' (two new records) and the field of 45 boys and 37 girls  is also two other records !
2013iycgapcastle.jpgThe courses is a up and down trace of 5500m for the boys (with an elevation of 335m) and 2550m for the girls (elevation of 170m), starting and finishing above the city in a place called "Chateau de Charance".
With the young athletes (aged 16 and 17), it is impossible to make pronostics.
Last year, the Gold medals went to Turkey, Poland, Ireland, and Italy.
France never won a single medal in the history of the Cup.
Why not this year with Jeremy Belkacem, the current French Champion for this age?2013yicfra.jpg
At the competition will be present as WMRA Council the American Nancy Hobbs (delegate by WMRA President who at the same weekend will be at the European Mountain Running Championships at Borovets), Pierre Weiss (WMRA member of Honor and also FFA representant), Tomo Sarf and Bashir Hussain, both also officials of their national delegations.

News from Pierre Weiss

on front page:
- view of Gap (by LOC);
on second page
- view of "Chateau de Charance" (by LOC);
- Jeremy Belkacem (FRA) (by Nicola Fried - www.alsace-en-courant.com)

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