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Bernard Dematteis and Emma Clayton in world class form at Arco WMRA Grand Prix Race. Print
2013_2_gp_winnermen.jpgAt Arco for the second stage of the WMRA Grand Prix 2013 there were two splendid races!
Italian man Bernard Dematteis and English woman Emma Clayton won the races with a world-class performance.

The track was technical in parts and had a spectacular and very interesting profile.
18 cameras around  the course allowed all those who attended the races in the start/finish area to enjoy the entire race live, thanks to the exquisite images projected onto a big screen showing the excitement of the races.
The impressive LOC, with its Chairman Franco Travaglia, provided an interesting mountain running track.
The presence of FIDAL Officials and of Local politicians were an impressive basis for an application of staging the European Mountain Running Championships 2016, which was announced at the event. In the women race 48 runners started and in the first ten positions there were athletes from five different nations.
2013_arco_clayton.jpgEmma Clayton led the race taking the lead after two kilometers. Her victory was not questioned as she dominated and finished the race with a time of 46:49.
Behind her, a group of four athletes tried to chase the leader  that included Slovenian Mateja Kosovelj who finished second (time 47:16) in front of the Italian Elisa Desco, third (time 47:40), Antonella Confortola, fourth (time 47:57) and Alice Gaggi, fifth (time 46.01).
In sixth place the recent silver medalist at the European championships, Valentina Belotti with a time of 46:44. In the first ten there was  also the Kenyan Majna Veronicah Nijeri, running for an Austrian Club), who finished eighth (50:14 time) and the German Birgit Unterberger, ninth with time 50:33. 
The men's race was dominated by Bernard Dematteis,  the recent champion of Europe, who is experiencing  extraordinary form. After the  start which was headed by some African athletes attending the race including the Eritrean Azeria Teklay Weldemariam,  a three-time silver medalist at the World Championships of mountain running, who did not finish the race, Dematteis took the lead at the end of the first lap.  He continued his successful tactics to lead and race to the finish inflicting more than a minute of difference to the runner-up, the Kenyan Kithjni Kenneth Kimathi. (registered with an Austrian Club).  Dematteis  won in 57 minutes and 53 seconds,  ahead of second in  58:57. In third place, the Italian Alex Baldaccini (the recent European runner-up), with 59:06. The Gabriele Abate (ITA)  finished fourth with 59:36 in front of the Slovenian Mitjia Kosovelj with 59:46 and to another Kenyan Surum Robert Panin, with 59:56. These are the only athletes who finished the competition under 60 minutes.  Xavier Chevrier (ITA) who was  fourth at the 2013 European Championships, finished seventh with time of 1h00:06. Athletes of Great Britain, Holland, Japan, New Zealand also ran in Arco.
The races were held under a scorching sun, typical of the  area and season, which also created problems for some of the athletes.
Present for the WMRA President Bruno Gozzelino and members of the WMRA Council, Raimondo Balicco and Tomo Sarf.
Full result are available on http://www.mysdam.net/events/event/results-download_26926.do

News edited by Bruno Gozzelino and Bashir Hussaiin  (WMRA)

Pictures (source from FIDAL CR Trento):
on front page:
- the winner Bernard Dematteis at the finish!
on second page:
- the winner Emma Clayton in action.

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