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WMRA Calendar 2014 finalized at Tallinn:in Italy 30. WMRA World M. R. Champs. 2014 on 13. September. Print
imag5976.jpgCasette di Massa, located at the foot of the Apuan Alps in the Tuscany region of Italy, will host the 30th WMRA World Mountain Running Championships on Saturday, September 13, 2014.
WMRA President Bruno Gozzelino present at Tallinn during the European Athletic Association Convention finalised the WMRA Calendar for 2014.

FIDAL announced the organization of a wonderful competition linked with special and spectacular news.
WMRA is confident that the next edition will be one of the best World Mountain Running Championships ever organized.
Italy - as all know very well - is a top leader Country in the world in the discipline of mountain running under a lot of aspects: for the result of the Italian runners with their wonderful coaches and also for the organization of world events like the World Mountain Running Championships.
In fact on the 2014 there will be the eighth time that Italy will organize the World Mountain Running Championship!
WMRA Organisational Delegate will be Galia Puhaleva (Bulgaria) and WMRA Techincal Delegate will be Tomo Sarf (Slovenia).
Italy will also host the 9th International Youth Mountain Running Cup at the Castle Mountain Running event in Arco di Trento, on June 28-29, 2014. The event is open to Youth athletes who are ages 16 or 17 in the year of competition with both individual and team competition. Athletes must be members of their respective athletic federations. At the 2014 event in Italy, youth boys will run 4.7 kilometers with 280 meters of ascending, while youth girls will compete over a 3.87 kilometer course with 220 meters of ascending.
This will be the fifth year in which Italy serves as host of the Youth Mountain Running Cup. Susa hosted the inaugural running in 2006, as well as 2007 and 2008. In 2010, Sauze d'Oulx was the host village. Germany, Slovenia, Ireland and France have also hosted the event.
2013tallinnroom.jpgThe 11th WMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge was confirmed on August, 16th, at Manitou Springs (USA) together the 59th Pikes Peak Ascent (km. 21): it will be the third time that this competition will be on this venue. On 2006 the Challenge was run together Pikes Peak Maraton (42 km) and on 2010 the track was the same of next year Challenge.
Telfes (Austria) will organize the 14th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships, on September 6th. LOC of Tlefes have organized in the past time two edition of the World Mountain Running Championships (1990 and 1996) and one time the European Mountain Running Championships (2009).
American and Austrian experience is a guaranty of the good organization of both event.
The Area Continental Championships were also scheduled: in particular the 13th European Mountain Running Championship will be organized in France at Gap on July, 12th.
Finally also the 16th WMRA Grand Prix series was scheduled including six races; two each for Austria (Bkudenz and Leogang) and for Slovenia (Kamnik and Smarna Gora), one per France (Grand Ballon) and one for Italy (of course the World M.R. Championships).
The 6th Balkan Mountain Running Championships will be held on 15th June at Vatra Dornei, Romania.
It will possible in future that the Athletic Association of Small States of Europe will introduce a Mountain Running Championships in the calendar of AASSE.
Some Countries announced their participation at next WMRA events and this item is very important the continue increasing of mountain running movement.
Together WMRA President Bruno Gozzelino was present at Tallinn also the WMRA Council members Galia Puhaleva.
WMRA thanks EAA for this important opportunity to be present at this annual Convention, where other interesting points are discussed for the future of athletics.

Edited from Bruno GOZZELINO and Nancy HOBBS (WMRA)

Source of the pictures:
On front page (by Galia Puhaleva):
- Hans Jorg Worz and Bruno Gozzelino;
 on second page (by Marlis Tiitsaar - LOC);
- meeting for Calendar Conference

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