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Record of Nations present at the 9. WMRA International Youth Cup 2014 at Arco (Italy). Print
2014_yiclogo.jpgOn 29th June, the 9. WMRA International Youth Cup will be back in Italy for the edition 2014, hosted by the Castle Mountain Running Arco, Trentino.
The race is organized by Garda Sports Events at its fourth edition and in the previous years the race  has been able to achieve considerable appreciation for its fascinating course and technically highly significance.
The first great result of the 2014 edition of the WMRA Youth Cup, regards the numbers of nations  registered   17, with  regard to the International event reserved for youth under 18: it is record!
The other good news is that among these nations are  the United States,  before today they never   took part in the Youth Cup.
The full list of nations  that have completed their registration includes in addition to Italy and the United States also Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Russia, San Marino, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and  Wales. 2014yiccop.jpg

These teams  will compete on the racing track from Arco (only 91 meters above sea level) and  leads to the tower called  Renghera that dominates Alto Garda from the top of the fortress that houses  the Castle of Arco. From there it descends to a thriving olive grove which offers the second  climb of the day before diving towards to the center of town.
It is not easy to indicate the favorites also for the young age of the runners: certainly the competition will be very interesting with one hundred aathletes at the start!
The race track of the Youth Cup will be broadcasted in live-streaming on the site of the event: www.castlemountainrunning.com thanks to technologies made available by Trentino Network.
This Arco weekend  will start in the afternoon of Saturday, June 28 with the opening ceremony, the parade of nations and ends with the Gala evening dinner.
The Sunday will start with the national competition named “Trophy of the Regions” a race reserved to the Italian regional under 16 , followed then by the two races valid for the WMRA Youth Cup.
The town of Arco (about 18 000 inhabitants) is  a well  known tourist locations, famous since 1800 to be the A lot of Sport Authorities from CONI, FIDAL and WMRA together political Italian representant will attend to the event.
destination of the noble of the Austrian Empire. In sports Arco is famed  for hosting the Rock Master, an international climbing event  and for being the heart of the cycle-racing Giro del Trentino.
Even though  being at a low altitude, Arco is surrounded by mountains and the  area has become the home of the climbers while the nearby Lake Garda is  a very popular location for the windsurfers and sailing area.


Edited from Franco Travaglia (LOC Gardasports)

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