WMRA President at the celebration of the Centenary of Romanian Athletic Federation
bucarestbg3.jpgAt the beginning of November, Bucharest hosted a unique event: the Celebration of the Romanian Athletics Federation, who has reached the ripe old age of 100 years!
Under the direction of F.R.A. President, Sorin Matei, and its staff, there were wonderful moments.
For sample, on 2. November 2012, Romanian Athletic Federation celebrated the Centenary of its Foundation on the morning with the presentation of a beautiful book with all the history of Romanian Athletics (about 1300 pages!!!) with photos and statistics! Inside the headquarters of F.R.A. there was the inauguration of a pattern with more than 4000 images with all the most important persons for Romanian athletics movement in the history.
On the same day at the evening was held the Anniversary Gala, organized at Complex Sydney 2000, Izvorani: an exhibition of trophies and artwork, in honor of ten Romanian Olympic champions, was held at this venue.
Famous anchor woman, Andreea Marin Banica moderate the ceremony, with exceptional artistic moments, pigmented film signed by Monica Bucur, that is story in pictures "move", distributed in three significant moments together anniversary awarded trophies.
bucarestbg1.jpgSome crystal "angels" with silver inserts, the work of Ion Tămâian, were offered to ten Romanian Olympic champion in athletics like memorial of the event: Iolanda Balas Soter, Viorica Viscopoleanu, Manoliu Lia, Mihaela Penes (trophies that are received by the brother of athletics great fine lady tricolor, Lia Manoliu), Doina Melinte Anişoara Cuşmir, Maricica Puica, Paula Ivan, Gabriela Szabo and Constantina Dita.bucarestbg2.jpg
The F.R.A. President; Sorin, offered the same trophies to four most important international guests and in particular to Sergej Bubka (IAAF), Hans Jorg Wirz (EA), Dobromir Karamarinov (ABAF) and Bruno Gozzelino (WMRA).
The words are too dry to be able to reproduce the excitement of the awards, and the room, which vibrated like that during competitions a large Romanian tricolor flag in which stands on the highest tree. Time has suddenly collapsed and the space becomes infinite for all of the over 500 participants!
On 3. November the dinner were hosted by the Royal House
Starting at 19.30, ASR Principele Radu gave a dinner, at which time the Romanian Athletics Federation has received a distinction from the Royal House handed President Sorin Matei. The delegation of participants was very selected and small: only 42 persons, and - among them - also the WMRA President, Bruno Gozzelino.
Traian Badea, one of the four F.R.A. Vice President, was the main coordinator of the event, instead Gabriela Szabo, Olympic Champion and another F.R.A. Vice President, organized all the section regarding EA Council meeting that was held in Bucharest during these days.
Photos taken by Cristian Barbu are available on the webpage of the Federation
Finally, during 4. and 5. November a Romanian Delegation with Chairman Liviu Rosca, President of Romanian Mountain Running Commission inside F.R.A., accompanied WMRA President Bruno Gozzelino to visit some potential venue of international mountain running like Poiana Brasov, Sinaia and Petra Arsa (the historical and most famous training Olympic Center in Romania of all the most famous Romanian athletes not only in athletics but also in all other Olympic Sport). Bruno Gozzelino, WMRA President at the end of his visit had a meeting with Sorin Matei, F.R.A. President, and he is confident that in the next future in Romania will be organized an international mountain races.
Happy Birthday to Romanian Athletics Federation!

News by Bruno Gozzelino (WMRA

Photos source by Christian Barbu
on front page:
- from left to right: Bruno Gozzelino, Iolanda Balas Soter (ROU), Irena Szewinska (POL), Gabriela Szabo ROU), Dimakos Panagiotis (SEGAS Vice President);
on second page:
- Bruno Gozzzelino with crystal "angel", in the middle between Sorin Matei (F.R.A. President on left) and Dobromir Karamarinov (ABAF President on right);
- Gabriela Szabo receive trophy bt Bruni Gozzelino