Mountain Running in the history of the Athletic: IAAF Centenary Historic Exhibition at Barcelona.
museo2.jpgIAAF celebrated the Centenary of the Foundation at Barcelona with two days full of wonderful events.
More than 800 persons coming from all the world attended at the Celebration: among them about 200 athletes winner of gold medals to the Olympic Games and/or World Athletic Championships!
A lot of IAAF Officials (starting from President and Council Members) and Officials representing National Athletic Federations met at Barcelona for this unique moment.
Bruno Gozzelino, as WMRA President, attended to the Celebration.
Galia Puhaleva, like Bulgarian Athletic Federation, but also WMRA Council member, was also present.

A IAAF Centenary Welcome Banquet to the Maritim Museum went in the Celebration on Friday 23. November evening.
On Saturday 24. November there were on the morning a IAAF Kids Athletics Demonstration (closed to the Arc de Triumph), then on the afternoon the Press Conference for 2012 Awards at Hotel Skipper and on the evening the IAAF Centenary Gala at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya Palau Nacional, Parc de Montjuïc (MNAC)
During the days of Celebration was possible to visit the IAAF Centenary Exhibition at the Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport "Joan Antoni Samaranch".
Just this Exhibition is particular important for mountain running.
Eight lanes of athletics history were created and are part of this exhibition:museo3.jpg
Lane 1: 100 years of IAAF;
Lane 2: World Championships Highlights;
Lane 3: IAAF Competition;
Lane 4: IAAF Areas;
Lane 5: Women in Athletics;
Lane 6: Technical Developments;
Lane 7: Event Highlights:
Lane 8: Building for the future.
In the Lane 3 there is a part dedicated to WMRA with a summary of the individual and team winner of the World Mountain Running Championships.
The WMRA logo and two pictures of the 27. World Mountain Running Championships 2011 in Albania are also printed in this section.
It is very important - WMRA is sure that all agree with this opinion - that this section is part of this exhibition and not only all the athletes which name is written in the medal table but also all who loves our beautiful discipline could be proud for this!

News by Bruno Gozzelino WMRA President

Photo source by Patrizia Longo:
On front page:
- WMRA panel with Bruno Gozzelino, WMRA President;
On second page:
- WMRA panel inside the Exhibition.