WMRA Newsletter 2013 is published and it is now available in the WMRA webpage.
2013covernewsl.jpgAs usual, just before the beginning of WMRA season for the most important international races, the "WMRA Newsletter 2013", issue number 18 of its Annual Magazine, was published by WMRA.
Also this year the WMRA Newsletter is available to download on the WMRA webpage: Clicking "about us", followed by "Newsletter".
As usual the Newsletter gives a summary of the activity for last year 2012 and previews the competition in 2013. This year the WMRA magazine consists of 24 pages. It was prepared by Adrian Woods with the support by WMRA President, Bruno Gozzelino, and the cooperation of all the WMRA Council Members.
The WMRA Newsletter 2013 was printed - as usual in the last years - by John Barnes of Ink Design Print.
With the support of the IAAF it will be distributed free of charge to all the National Athletic Federation in the World (it means more than 200 Countries will receive this magazine, plus all the IAAF Officials Council members and so on).
WMRA Council members also will distribute the Magazine to all the LOC of the races held in 2012 and 2013 and to coaches and athletes at WMRA events.
The WMRA Newsletter is an important document for recording events and developing the knowledge of mountain running worldwide. It is also an opportunity for promoting the sponsors and supporters of WMRA.
WMRA Is confident that this Newsletter will be appreciated by everyone who has a love for mountain running!
WMRA remember that all previous WMRA Newsletters of the past years are available on line in a downloadable PDF format for everyone to access.
In the meantime WMRA hope that more people will visit the WMRA webpage and enjoy reading the WMRA Newsletter 2013.

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Front page of WMRA Newsletter 2013.