Second stage of the WMRA Grand Prix 2013 at Arco di Trento, Italy.
2013_2gp_english_eaf.jpgLooking to the entry list, about 90 senior men and 50 senior women will be at the start of the second WMRA Grand Prix race on next 21 July 2013 at Arco di Trento, Italy!
The Italian Team is output from the European Championships in Borovets, Bulgaria, with seven medals in individual and team, a booty historic and virtually all national runners of this team will be at the start of their races in Arco: Dematteis, Belotti, Desco, Baldaccini, Vaia and so on.
And with their space to prominent personalities from every continent, from Eritrea (Teklay Weldemariam Azeria: three tiime silver medallist at the World Mountain Running Championships) to Japan, via Slovenia (Kosovelj Mitja and Mateja, Lucjia Krkoc and Andreja Godec), Austria, Czech rep., Germany and the UK (Matthew Hobbs and Emma Clayton). After two editions with a Relay race, the Castle Mountain Running returns with a new look, tricolor and internationally to give another show because at Arco together the WMRA Grand Prix race there will be also a race valid the Italian National Championships.
In 2010, the year of the first edition, LOC has surprised everyone, opening a new route for mountain running.
No longer there on track, through woods and mountains, where sometimes - inevitably - it is difficult to attract the interest of the public and as long as the media, so far from the city centers and the risk of non-cellular network coverage, so indispensable today with the web.
Before that, 2010, the thought of a race in the mountains town might seem a contradiction in terms, then it became the proof that intuition and the spirit of innovation can often (one might say almost always) bring vital breaths of fresh air.
It is precisely these two elements were and are at the basis of the Garda Sport Events, the company that first "broke" the schemes and proposed this new formula, with departure and arrival in the city center of Arco, breathtaking climb (for hardness and charm) and then to the Castle on the Rock on Mount Colodri, before returning to the avenue Segantini.
2013_2gp_teklay.jpgTwo editions Relay, an off year to crown the best Italian chamois on Monte Velo in "Classicissima Bolognano - Velo", and now the return of the shadow of the towers of the Castle of Arco to dress as the colors of the tricolor, how those iris with entry into the international circuit WMRA.
On saturday the 20th and sunday the 21st mountain running is coming back to Arco: an individual competition of great spectacularity and highly technical characteristics, with several transits through the city center, the assault of the ramps of the Castle, the Colodri mount and the oly grove.
The entire course will be covered by television. Fifteen fix or mobile cameras and a helicopter will project live images on a giant wall screen in the main square of Arco, so that viewers can look forard the race live.
The duel will be exciing till the end with the best athletes who will give all their best to win the first prize.
A promotional video with the courses and all the information about the race can be seen on GARDASPORTEVENTS website,
2013arcologo.jpgAt the event WMRA will be present with its President Bruno Gozzelino and other WMRA Council members like Raimondo Balicco and Tomo Sarf.
And also FIDAL will be present with some important Officials, because FIDAL is ready to candidate Arco di Trento for the organization of the European Mountain Running Championships 2016! Another dream that could become reality!

News by Bruno Gozzelino (WMRA President)

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