Mountain Runner, Stephen Kiprotich surges to 2013 World Marathon title in Moscow.
kiprotich2010kamnik.jpgStephen Kiprotich, one of Uganda's Mountain running team in 2010, who took the 2012 Olympic Marathon title in London 2012 has again scaled a global peak with victory in Moscow at the IAAF World Championships Marathon 2013.
Kiprotich surged ahead in the late stages to win ahead of 2 Ethiopian rivals.
With a best time of 2 hours and 7 minutes global dominance continues for this humble mountain running Ugandan athlete who took 5th place at the 2010 World Mountain Running Championships in Kamnik, Slovenia.

kiprotichmoscow.jpgKiprotich who moved to Kenya at the age of 17 to develop his running ability amongst many elite groups of fellow Africans highlights the benefits of high altitude and quality coaching as his main reasons for basing himself in Kenya.
Will he be seen on the mountains again?
Well we all look forward to his return on the mountains and running fans will look forward to welcoming the athletes and the nation that bears the colours of yellow, red and black on their flag.
The black stripes symbolize the African people; the yellow symbolizes the sun and the red stands for brotherhood and fraternity.
The grey Crane bird symbolises the gentle on humble nature of this proud African nation that border the successful running nations of Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya.
Ugandan athletes are expected to feature highly at the upcoming World Mountain Running Championships in Poland on September 8.

Edited by Bashir Hussain(WMRA) 

Source of the pictures by LOC Kamnik 2010 and Patrizia Longo: 
on front page: 
- Kiprotich in action at Kamnik 2010; 
on second page: 
- Kiprotich at the finish of Moscow Marathon.