Important decisions were made by the 30. WMRA Congress at Krynica Zdroj Poland,on 6. September 2013.
council2013.jpg40 of the 43 record number of Countries now affiliated to the WMRA were present at the 30th WMRA Congress in Poland (India, Netherlands and Liechtenstein were absent), where the WMRA President, Secretary and Treasurer were unanimously elected for next four years.
Italian Bruno Gozzelino was re-confirmed as the President for another term as was Nancy Hobbs USA as Treasurer. Welshman Adrian Woods GBR was elected as the newWMRA Secretary.

Regarding the five places as WMRA Directors for the next two years, existing Council members Wolfgang Munzel (Germany), Erhan Basoglu (Turkey), Galia Puhaleva (Bulgaria) and Tomo Sarf (Slovenia) were also confirmed.
The only new entry was Andrzej Puchacz (Poland) who replaced Italian Raimondo Balicco.
2013congressrb.jpg Balicco was nominated as Honorary WMRA Council member by the Congress and a special presentation was made to him for all his contributions and excellent work since the very beginning of the Council. WMRA Congress accepted the Italian bid for the next 30th World Mountain Running Championships 2014 to be held in Italy at Casette di Massa (Tuscany).
WMRA Congress after a secret ballot chose Great Britain to host the 31st World Mountain Running Championships 2015 at the venue of Betws y Coed in Wales.
The Bulgarian candidature from Sapareva Banya was beaten by 19 votes to 14 in the voting; but the Bulgaria Athletics Federation announced its interest in organizing the 32ndWorld Mountain Running Championships in 2016.
Finally, the USA declared an interest in the organizing of the 33rd World Mountain Running Championships 2017.
The most important events in the Calendar for 2014 were already finalised by the WMRA Council with only the WMRA Grand Prix and Youth International to be scheduled by the end of September.
11th WMRA Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge will be held at Manitou Springs (USA) on next 16th August 2014 together with 59th Pikes Peak Ascent (km. 21).
14th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships will be organised at Telfes (Austria) on next 6th September 2014.
WMRA due fee for all the competition are in discussion to be changed and implemented together the service offer by WMA to the LOC.
A Working Group consisting of Bruno Gozzelino, Adrian Woods, Pierre Weiss and Tomo Sarf was formed to review WMRA Regulations and guidelines. Congress members were invited to send comments to WMRA Secretary Adrian Woods.

Edited from Adrian Woods (WMRA Secretary)

Pictures from Patrizia Longo:
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- new WMRA Council;
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- Balicco nominated Honorary member during the Congress.