16 Nations will partecipate to the 12. WMRA International Youth Cup 2017 at Gagliano del Capo, Italy.

YIC2017frontpagetmIn total, more than 100 runners coming from Bulgaria, Czech Rep, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Slovak, Turkey, USA, Wales and hosting Country Italy will take part to the 12. edition of the WMRA International Youth Cup 2017.
This year’s race will be held in Gagliano del Capo, Italy, on Saturday, June 24. 
Gagliano del Capo is located in the Salento region situated in the southeast of Italy.
The Ciolo Canyon connects the small town of Gagliano del Capo to the sea.
The area is comprised of olive groves, natural landscape and a diverse ecology.
Views of the seascape are constant on the numerous pathways surrounding the town.

The course for boys will be 5.3 kilometres and include 340 meters of ascending and 220 meters of descending over terrain to include a short section on asphalt, with the majority of the route on gravel road, and scenic mountain paths. The girls will run 3.85 kilometres with 250 meters of ascent and 130 meters of descent.YIC2017ciolo
More details on the competition can be found on the event website.
One important point must be underlined: for the first time in the 12-year history of the WMRA International Youth Cup, the United States will field a complete squad for this mountain running competition designed to showcase athletes who are 16 and 17 years old.
Team USA includes a full scoring team of three boys and three girls and will be accompanied and led by two staff members, Nancy Hobbs, Colorado Springs, CO, and Mark Weeks, Colorado Springs, CO.
At the event WMRA Council will be present with four members: Bruno Gozzelino (ITA – President), Nancy Hobbs (USA – Treasurer), Wolfgang Munzel (GER – Council Member, and also WMRA delegate to the event) and Tomo Sarf (SLO – WMRA Council member).
For FIDAL will be present the Senior Vice President, Vincenzo Parrinello, and President of FIDAL Regional Committee of Puglia, Giacomo Leone, together President of CONI Region Puglia, Angelo Giliberto.
Besides will be present Loredana Capone Assessor to the economic develpoment and delegate to the turism and to the sport of the Region Puglia, together other politician officials for Puglia Region and mayor of the towns interested by the event.
LOC Staff with its chief, Luca Scarcia, are ready for welcoming all the people who will arrive on next weekend and for organising a wonderful event.
It will be certainly a great competition with young runners on the stage: the future of the discipline!


Edited from Bruno Gozzelino (WMRA President)


Source of the pictures LOC:
on front page:
- front page of the Team Manual of the YIC 2017
on second page:
- view of Ciolo bridge (start of the race) and surrounding (track). 


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