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Spanish team selected for the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships in Innsbruck

El Paso in the Canary Islands played host to the Spanish trials for June’s championships

The stunning volcanic mountains that saw such drama last summer in the first-ever European Off-Road Champs once again produced a weekend of excitement as the best runners in Spain battled to make their national team.

The Reventon features different races over 67km, 42km. Spain’s Azara García won the women’s ace in 7:12, with Gemma Arenas (Spain) and Rosa María Lara (Spain) second and third.

The mens’ winner was Spain’s Aritz Egea (Spain) in 6:25, ahead of Borja Fernández (Spain) edged Ricardo Cherta (Spain). Meanwhile the 42km went to Ainara Urrutia and Joel Angel Fernandez in 4:11 and 3:28, respectively.

Watch how the race unfolded here: