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European Masters Off-Road Championships Machico'24

Last weekend, the picturesque town of Machico in Madeira, Portugal, became the pulsating hub of adrenaline-fueled action as it welcomed the European Masters Off-Road Championships. Drawing participants from over 20 countries, this prestigious event saw more than three hundred athletes vie for glory across three distinct disciplines.

The rugged terrain of Machico provided the perfect backdrop for the athletes to showcase their prowess in Mountain and Trail running. the weekend presented three disciplines: mountain running, uphill running and trail running with each discipline presenting its unique set of challenges, testing the competitors' endurance, strength, and tactical acumen.

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In the Mountain Running race category, athletes conquered a grueling 8.9 kilometers route, navigating steep inclines and treacherous descents, with an elevation gain of over 600 meters, with the overall victories for Matthieu Gandolfi (FRA) and Barbara Taibon (AUT) -above picture.  Results men and women.

The Uphill tackled a demanding 5-kilometer course, featuring an astonishing ascent of 1000 meters, with the overall victories for Monica Carl (GER) and Martin Alvarez-Espinar (ESP). Results men and women.

Meanwhile, the Trail  running event stretched over 33 kilometers, with a staggering elevation gain of 2000 meters, promising an exhilarating test of both physical and mental fortitude which was won by Karin Freitag (AUT) and Shaban Mustafa (BUL). Results men and women.

Against the backdrop of Madeira's stunning natural beauty, athletes pushed themselves to the limit, showcasing the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie that defines mounatin and trail running competitions. 

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Photos Enyo Freitas, provided by Associação de Atletismo da Região Autónoma da Madeira.