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K42 Argentina Rescheduled to 2021

K42 Argentina, the race which provided such a fantastic setting for last year's World Mountain Running Championships and finished second in our recent 'greatest mountain race of all time' vote, will unfortunately not take place this November. Due to the ongoing global pandemic the organisers have decided to reschedule the race to November 4th and 5th 2021.

 Diego Zarba, organiser of K42 Argentina, said of the issues they have been facing: "This is not only about the difficulty of guaranteeing social distancing, but also about how the arrival of 6,000 tourists from different regions could impact Villa la Angostura, about the impossibility of ensuring isolation if cases or outbreaks are detected between visitors and also about protecting the staff working at the event. Ultimately, it is about protecting the health of all those involved."

"This represents a hard blow, not only for those who hoped to be able to participate in the competition, but also for Villa la Angostura and for our organization that is inherent in the creation and execution of projects. The impossibility of securing the event affects us severely and we need to start planning again as soon as possible. However, as we have indicated, we do not believe it appropriate to overlap dates with other events or affect the calendar. That is why today we turn the page and start working for 2021, as always in November".