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Important WMRA Council meeting held at Monte Carlo - 10 January 2016
2016_wmracouncil.jpgThe meeting of the WMRA Council was held at the Hotel Marriott in Cap d’Ail-Monaco on Saturday, January 9, 2016.
Following opening words and a short welcome from WMRA President Bruno Gozzelino, business got underway. 
In attendance for the WMRA, Secretary Pierre Weiss (FRA), Treasurer Nancy Hobbs (USA), Tomo Sarf (SLO), Wolfgang Munzel (GER), Andrzej Puchacz (POL) and Galia Puhaleva (BUL).
Paul Hardy represented the IAAF and Carlos Cardoso attended in his role as IAAF Cross Country Committee Chairperson.

Apologies were received from Erhan Basoglu for his absence.
(There was a separate meeting for financial matters with Weiss, Munzel, Gozzelino, and Hobbs, as well as a review of working regulations by Weiss and Sarf, on Friday, January 8, at the IAAF offices. The outcome of these meetings is included in this recap.)
For the IAAF, Paul Hardy provided an update stating at the outset, “The IAAF ship is not sinking, but  we are in very rough waters.” One of the key items to share was the suspension of the Russian Federation and its athletes (a list of some 4,000 viewable on the IAAF website), which will affect upcoming WMRA championship events as long as the suspension remains in place. WMRA Council was in full agreement to support the IAAF decision regarding this ban and will implement it at the international WMRA mountain running events.
Newly elected IAAF President Sebastian Coe has brought in an expert to evaluate the current administration and the IAAF is undertaking a review of the governance structure. There shouldn’t be a marked change, but perhaps some restructuring of staff along with the appointment of a CEO most likely in the spring.
Carlos Cardoso is not new to the WMRA as he was involved for a decade as a liaison to the WMRA starting in 1989. His return to the WMRA family was enthusiastically welcomed by the council.

Uphill course to be featured at 11th World Youth Cup 2016 - 31 December 2015

2016yicjaskelazneview.jpgFriday-Sunday, 12-13 November 2015 – Janske Lazne-Czech Republic –
Andrzej Puchacz, WMRA delegate, visited the venue of the World Youth Mountain Running Cup, that will be held on Saturday, 25 June 2016.

All organisational aspects of the event were discussed with the key personnel of the LOC along with a representative of the Czech Athletic Federation.


18. Mountain Running World Cup series scheduled by WMRA Council. - 25 December 2015
2015wcupwinners.jpg The WMRA Council has confirmed the six-race World Cup 2016 calendar (see section Calendar 2016) .
The circuit represents five different host countries and offers a combination of old and new races, although the newcomers -- Telfes and Bergen -- are actually not new as both were part of the inaugural  WMRA Grand Prix series in 1999, as well as founding members of the “Berglauf Grand Prix” in 1997.

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