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25th World Mountain Running Championships 2009 Print
Press release from the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA)
WMRA are pleased to announce that WMRA Council have received and approved an application to stage the 25th World Mountain Running Championships, 2009, from the Italian Athletic Federation (FIDAL).

The Championships will take place on 6th September and be hosted by the small towns of Campodolcino and Madesimo (Valchiavenna - SO).

The courses are located in the small ski station called Motta starting at 1715m altitude.

Men will run three laps, women, junior men two laps, and junior women one lap. Each lap is 4.18km, going up to an altitude of 1955m.

It is fitting that the 25th event, the first to be called the 'World Championships' (the first 24 being called the World Trophy) will take place in Italy, the host country for the first event in 1985.

Further information will be published via an event web page in the near future.

Danny Hughes

President WMRA

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