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Vallecamonica is ready to host the 28. World Mountain Running Championships 2012. Print
2012wchlogo.jpgThe Atletic Vallecamonica Club with its member under the direction of the General Director Innocente Agostini, together all the people living at Temù and Ponte di Legno Vallecamonica,  are ready to host on next week end the 28. World Mountain Running Championships.
This is the seventh time that World Mountain Running Championships is held in Italy.
The uphill race is really a technic track and it will be a perfect terrain for the battle among the top mountain runners for the world titles 2012.
The finish line will be at Tonale Pass, a very famous place in the Italian Alps.
It was a great job for the WMRA delegates Raimondo Balicco and Tomo Sarf to coordinate the work of the LOC that accepted the job with plenty of enthusiasm and energy with the clear goal - to organize a good sport event. A group of sponsor - both public and private - make possible the organization of this event.
FIDAL, as usual, gave its great support to the event and Franco Arese, FIDAL President will attend to the Championships together other FIDAL Officials.
The final entry forms were sent by 43 countries that announced their participation.
For the first time ever runners from Malta and Nigeria are announced at the start whist other Countries will come back in mountain running family after a lot of years missed: South Africa, San Marino, Sweden and so on.
LOC is waiting for the presence of more than 350 runners: 157 senior men, 92 senior women, 71 junior men and 52 junior women are untried at the moment!
2012wchfinisharea.jpgIn case that more than 40 Nations will be present it will be the record for the World Mountain Running Championships.
None of the senior champions will be at the start instead both junior world champions (Adem Karagoz - TUR and Lea Einfalt SLO) will defend their title, but all the four races will be certainly a lot of strong runners who will try to win medals!
TV coverage on live by local television is guaranteed by LOC.
IAAF support to the event was usually very important: Pierre Weiss, Special Advisor to the IAAF President for WMRA relations,Kenyan David Okeyo, Chairman of IAAF Cross Country Commission, and Sean Wallace- Jones, IAAF Office, will attend to the Championships, together almost full WMRA Council, with its President, Bruno Gozzelino.
On the day before the event the important Annual WMRA Congress will be held in Ponte di Legno. During this Congress a lot of very important decision will betaken for the future of mountain running in the world!

Bruno Gozzelino by WMRA

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- logo of the event (source LOC)
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- view of finish area at Tonale pass (source LOC)

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