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The 33. Smarna Gora International race to host final race of WMRA Grand Prix 2012. Print
The 33. Smarna Gora Inter2012gpfinal.jpgnational race will the Final race of the WMRA Grand Prix 2012.
Due to the cancellation of the Inaugural Bursa International race, WMRA Council member Tomo Sarf, with the support of Slovenian Athletic Federation and LOC of the event, offered to stage the Final WMRA Grand Prix race on October 6, 2012, at the 33rd Smarna Gora International race.
The Smarna Gora International race has previously hosted the WMRA Grand Prix final event with much success and with this positive relationship and history in mind, the WMRA Council unanimously accepted Smarna Gora as the venue for the final WMRA Grand Prix event 2012.
Ljubljiana, Slovenia looks forward to hosting the top mountain runners for this important international WMRA event on Saturday, 6. October 2012.

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