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29. WMRCh. 2013 are coming to Poland as the main attraction of the Running Festival in Krynica-Zdrój Print
logowmra2013or.jpgUpcoming Sunday 8th of September is the fest for mountain running champions and enthusiasts Krynica-Zdrój is the host for the 29. WMRA Mountain Running World Championships 2013.
There are 365 runners from 40 countries and 5 continents on the start list.

Japanese runners are coming, as are the Czechs, the Hungarians, the British, the Russians and of course the Polish: Anna Celińska (bronze medalist 10. WMRA World Long Distance M. R. Challenge 2013 at Szklarska Poręba) and Dominika Wiśniewska-Ulfik are in the best shape nowadays.
Still runners from Uganda, Eritrea, Italy, Turkey, Germany and USA are among the favourites.
The hot names are Annabel Mason from Great Britain, Çesminaz Yillmaz, Burcu Subatan and Ramazan Karagoz from Turkey (all juniors), Valentina Belotti and Elisa Desco from Italy, Marie-Laure Dumergues from France, Bernard and Martin Dematteis, Alex Baldaccini and Xavier Chevrier from Italy, Geoffrey Kusuro from Uganda and Max King from USA (all seniors).

The city is a popular spa resort offering a special atmosphere with healing, sporting, tourist and leisure attractions. Its fame is due to the great healing waters which led to establishing of Krynica as a spa resort in 1793, bringing health and strength to thousands of people.
The city located in Malopolska region is also well known because of running.
2013_polish.jpgIt is the running capital of Poland, 4th edition of the Running Festival, with the record expected 8000 participants from all over the country and abroad, starts here on Friday 6th of September.
MRWCh 2013 is the main attraction of the Festival programme (over 30 distances for all running fans, including kids, pupils, families and companies) and the main festival event for the professional runners from all over the world.
The temperature of the MRWCh in Krynica-Zdrój is high, althought the autumn is just behind the corner.
That's because the course on the Jaworzyna Mountain - the location (1114 m a.s.l., part of the Beskid Sądecki massif) - is not usual. It starts with ground drop and finishes with climb. We do not see often such profile these days.
The categories in the championship progamme are traditional: junior and senior races, both in women and men categories.
The junior women will compete on 4,65 km course with +286/-286 m elevation, junior boys will face the 9,08 km with +561/-551 elevation. The same course is prepared for senior women. Senior men course - 13,56 km with +828/-828 m elevation - is the toughest challange.
All races will take place on Sunday from 9:15 to 12.00.
First to start are the juniors.
There will be the flower ceremony after each race, the award ceremony will be conducted in the evening on 19:00 on Krynica's Promenade.
The same location is for the Championship Opening Ceremony.
Olimpic-style flag parade in front of the Running Festival participants is planned.
The day before the Championships there will be held the 30 WMRA Congress with election of the new WMRA Council.
29. Mountain Running World Championships is supported by Malopolska region and European Commission. Both are deeply interested in promoting athletics, and in particular mountain running.

Edited by Grzegorz Rogowski (press of LOC)

Source of the pictures by LOC: 
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- logo of the event; 
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- Dominika Wiśniewska Ulfik and Anna Celińska, the best polish women mountain runners.

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